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American Heart Association Meeting Nov 11-13, 2023 Philadelphia PA
Phillip Levy, Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI, United States

Community Health Workers: Extending the Clinic to the Community

Nov. 11, 2023, 10:21 AM - 10:33 AM

Phillip Levy, Detroit, MI

Driving the Van: Challenges and Victories of a Mobile Health Unit

Nov. 11, 2023, 4:00 PM - 4:12 PM

Phillip Levy, Detroit, MI


WE SPARK Health Institute 2023 Health Research Conference

"Achieving Better Health One Population at a Time”

November 2023; Windsor, Canada


American College of Cardiology Quality Summit

October 2023; Orlando, Florida

"Using the Chest Pain Guidelines to Increase Patient
Throughput and Decrease Cost of Care"

"Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at the Population Level"


Mobile Healthcare Association’s 19th Annual Mobile Health Clinics Conference

"Building an Equitable and Sustainable Mobile Health
Outreach Program"

September 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


ACC Industry Advisory Forum July 2023

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Focus on Community Impact

Title: Metropolitan Experience - Phillip Levy, MD, MPH, FACC – Wayne State University

American College of Cardiology


Moving beyond the "one patient, one provider" model of healthcare is needed to improve #CVD outcomes at the population level. Dr. Phillip Levy discusses community & institution perspectives needed to implement care pathways that will help shift the current paradigm. #ACCQuality23


Florida Lung Health Coalition Kickoff Symposium

“Applying Data Analytics to Mobile Healthcare”

June 2023; Tampa Bay, Florida


2023 Southern Emergency Medicine International Summit Forum

 “Beyond Hypertensive Emergencies - Managing Patients
with Elevated BP in the ED”

April 2023; Guangzhou, China


National Arab American Medical Association 32nd International Medical Convention

“What’s Next for Population Health?”

December 2022; Marrakesh, Morocco


MedHealth Summit

“Democratizing Data for Healthcare Innovation and Action”

November 2022; Detroit, Michigan


2023 Investigator Skills Development Unit (ISDU) Webinars:

NOTE:  Our Jan. 12th Webinar has been RESCHEDULED to July 19th due to illness.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

  •   Fri., Feb. 24th, 11am PT (1p CT, 2p ET): Marilyn Thomas, PhD, MPH - Structural Racism and Health Disparities.  Register HERE.
  •    Thurs., March 9th, 12pm PT (2p CT, 3p ET):  Doriane Miller, MD  Approaches to Community Engagement.  Register HERE.
  •    Thurs., April 6th, 10am PT (12p CT, 1p ET): Ariel Deardorff, MLIS -- Get up to speed on the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Requirements.  Register HERE.
  •    Wed., May 3rd, 10am PT (12p CT, 1p ET): Michael Potter, MD -- Practice-Based Research: A Focus on Community Primary Care Setting.  Register HERE.
  •   Wed., June 7th, 11am PT (1p CT, 2p ET): Elaine Ku, MD, MAS -- Using Public Databases to Conduct Clinical Research: Focus on Hypertension. Register HERE.
  •   Wed., July 19th, 10am PT (12p CT, 1p ET): Damaris Javier, MA -- Navigating the NRMN Website and Resources for Early Career Investigators:  MyNRMN, MyMentor, and more.  Register HERE.

May-Dec. 2022 ISDU Webinars:

See our complete archive of Educational Webinars HERE!

  •    Thurs., May 12th 11am PDT: Orlando Gutiérrez, MD, MMSc -- Disparities in the Development and Progression of Kidney Disease in the U.S. Recording posted here.
  •    Thurs., June 16th 10am PDT: Edwin Charlebois, PhD, MPH -- Best Practices for Creating Poster Presentations for Scientific Conferences.  Recording posted here.
  •    Thurs., July 21st 10am PDT: Daichi Shimbo, MD  NIH K Award Info Session.  Recording posted here.
  •    Fri., Aug. 19th, 11am PDT: Diana Redwood, PhD  Addressing Health Disparities in Rural and Remote Areas: Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening among Alaska Native People. Recording posted here.
  •    Thurs. Sept. 22nd 11am: Rachel Shelton, ScD, MPH; Nathalie Moise, MD, MS -- Implementation Science Theories, Models, and Frameworks.Recording posted here.
  •    Thurs., Dec. 8thSara Landes, PhD -- Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Approaches. Recording posted here.

RESTORE Network Oversight Advisory Committee meeting in San Diego

RESTORE Network Team

Wayne State University: LEAP-HTN Team 


AHA Hypertension Scientific Sessions (San Diego, CA)

Sept 8 (8:20-8:30): Neighborhood, Environment, and Hypertension  

AHA Health Equity Research Network Meeting (San Diego, CA)

Sept 11 (12:15-1pm): Linkage, Empowerment, and Access to Prevent Hypertension (LEAP-HTN) 


Presentation July Spotlight - Center Spotlight - Promoting Peer to Peer Learning Across The Consortium - July Spotlight - Center: ACHIEVE GREATER - Presenter: Elizabeth Towner, PhD, Wayne State University

Community Engagement CORE: To provide training and infrastructure to establish community-academic partnerships and ensure meaningful community engagement across pilot and R01 projects. The focus is on communities in the Great Lakes regionDetroit and Cleveland.

Presentation Highlights

  • Inclusive training programs with capacity-building curriculums for community members and early-stage investigators.
  • ACHIEVE GREATER's official logo was designed in collaboration with community!